Narayan was our guide for a wonderful trip along part of the Annapurna circuit in October last year. One of my lifelong goals was to go trekking in Nepal for my 30th birthday, so as part of a world trip I planned to visit Nepal. The trip was amazing, fulfilling my dreams and surpassing my expectations. This is thanks in no small measure to the skill, local knowledge, personality and kindness of Narayan as our trekking guide and now friend! The trip was well planned, we felt safe at all times and the whole experience was great fun. My parents retire this year and I've recommended a trip to Nepal and hopefully Narayan will be available as their guide to create more wonderful experiences and memories of such a beautiful country. Thanks Narayan - and we'll be back!! Rep. of Ireland
— Rachael Twinem

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is one of my most unforgettable experiences in my life. The snow mountains, the giant rocks on the mountains with no grass or trees, Sherpa villages with colored flags and a number of monasteries. in the mountains, all those scenes we used to watch it in TV or magazine, now it had been in my eyes and underneath my feet. Our Nepal journey started in April and planned for 14 days. With Brian¡¦s professional planning, we doesn¡¦t walk a long way at the beginning. We elevated not more than 800 meters a day. Slow ascent can ensure that our body have enough time to make adjustment to the elevation. There was one glance I never forgot was when we were in Tenboche. We arrived in the afternoon. It was snowing and fog everywhere. I could see nothing except the houses several meters nearby. While I sat in the bedroom of a guest house. Suddenly, there was a sunshine shooting through the window. The sky became clearer. A huge golden snow mountain just right in the front of me. It¡¦s so close that I thought I could touch it. This is one of the most fantastic experiences I had during EBC trekking. Is it difficult to visit EBC? No, I don¡¦t think so. I am just a person having a few mountain hiking experiences. I believe lots of people can manage to join such a journey with well preparation and with the help from proper guidance like Brian did for us. 
— Ted Hou Taiwan