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Trip Introduction

3 Passes trekking , if you want to have thrilling , wildest fun it would be the best trek with great experience of Himalaya’s life .  During this trekking you’ll pass through amazing scenario of mountains which energize and motivates you to climb the top passing; the heights above 5000m. Mostly Sherpa people lives in there so you will get some knowledge as well as see the lifestyle , culture and tradition of those people. After all tour, trekking is all about exploring and evolving . 

                                                        With all those fun and exciting things you should be careful about your health as well. Prevention is better than cure. If you are capable or not ,you should be well prepared  to trek upon the hills  . Here comes suitable time for trekking also spring and autumn would be best because during winter passes may get blocked with snow . People there are so welcoming and you will love to drink awesome teas serve by the local people .As a whole , great hospitality , the incredible nature and the best combination of everything will blow your mind.