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Trip Introduction

Everest , when we hear this name everyone thinks about heights , mountains , snow ,glaciers and all. Every human being in this world would love to be there to see the beauty and struggle with all the obstacles on the way . So Everest base camp trek is all about that dream, desires , guts and glories. During our trek to Everest base camp we will have to face so much of ups and downs where khumbhu is referred as the hardest one to pass through but those roughest way lead us to heaven, our hardships be worth . If you are a true adventure lover this would be the best trek for you. 

                                                 Trekking is not only about snows, mountains and all, we will get to see the life of Himalaya’s people, how do they survive . Whereas in Everest bass camp area Sherpa people are mostly found we will get know about their tradition and culture.  When we reach top of the Everest base camp beautiful  sunrises views ,  animals , mountains it would be a place we always dream and  adventure we seek.