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Trip Introduction

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which has interesting history of Nepal you would like to know. Kathmandu is a home place for many Nepalese which is making it the most crowded city in Nepal.  You will love to be there in different ways according to your hobbies. City life is awesome as well villages full of natural things are also in there. Kathmandu is the place where we can see different people with their own identities of culture and tradition. There are so many places to visit like temples to stupas ,  durbars, monasteries as well as it a good location for trekking and camping also. Some places you must visit in Kathmandu are :


It is also known as monkey temple as holy monkeys are living there. There is a myth that valley was once full of water; we can say a lake and once lotus grew in that water, later all water got dry and this beautiful as well as peaceful place formed. After that , this place was named as swayambhu which meaning is self created. Though we have to climb a stairway to reach the top of swayambhu you will not regret after reaching beauty of huge stupa with eyes of buddha facing all four directions will mesmerize you.

As it is in the top hill of Kathmandu view of whole Kathmandu valley will be seen from there. There are so much of things you will love to know and see. We can go to find a peace of mind.


Bouddha nath is huge stupa in Kathmandu. It is one of the most visited places in here. People go there for hangouts and for peace of mind.  During evening it looks more beautiful.  It contains so much of history you will love to know about as well view is so amazing there you will feel so blessed. Recently, after earthquake occurred; renovation of stupa has been done adding more beauty on it


Pasupatinath temple lies in the west side of Kathmandu which is famous worldwide and mostly Hindus from different country come there for worshipping.  Pasupatinath also have some unbelievable history . As bagmati river flows from there it has added more beauty on it. Pasupatinath is also famous for its evening arati many people comes to see that in the riverside.

Bhaktapur Durbar square

Bhaktapur durbar square lies in Bhaktapur and the other name of bhaktapur is bhadgaon.  Bhaktapur is around 15 km away from Kathmandu valley. Bhaktapur durbar square is mostly visited place in the Kathmandu valley. Most attractive things we get to see there are 55 window palace, golden gate , nyatapol temple , lion’s gate,  as well mini pasupatinath and many more. As Newari people resides there in high number; we will get to see their culture and traditions and old houses which still strong and firmed.


Nagarkot is a village at the central region of Nepal which is 32km east of Kathmandu valley. Its elevation is 2175 m. As it is in the top; it is popular for the views of sunrise in Himalayas, as well as beautiful view of mountains and peaks. Whole Kathmandu valley looks amazing from top of the village. Nagarkot is famous for hiking as well; people go for short trip, picnic and many more. If you are really a nature lover you will love to be there